Aunt Dimity Mystery

Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse

Publisher: Viking
Nancy Atherton's twenty-second cozy mystery in the beloved, nationally bestselling Aunt Dimity series.

It's early April in the small English village of Finch. Lori Shepherd's husband and sons are spending Easter break camping, and Lori is perfectly happy to be left at home with Bess, spared a week of roughing it with a curious toddler. The two attend a village events committee meeting and Lori is astonished when the elderly, soft-spoken widow Mrs. Annabelle Craven stands to make an announcement: she's decided to hold a quilting bee in the old schoolhouse.

At the quilting bee, Lori ends up seated beside Mrs. Craven, delighted at the opportunity to learn more about her neighbor's life in the village of Old Cowerton. But dear, sweet Mrs. Craven's stories reveal a startling secret about her first husband's death.

With Aunt Dimity's advice, Lori sets out to learn the truth about what the residents of Old Cowerton refer to as the "widow's curse"--and the deeper she digs, the more horrifying the tale becomes, until she discovers the most astounding revelation of all.



Annabelle Craven was an ideal neighbor. Quiet, tidy, and unfailingly polite, she was the sort of neighbor who could be relied upon to lend a frantic baker a cup of sugar or to water a window box while its owner was away on holiday.

No one knew Mrs. Craven's exact age. She never mentioned...
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“Perhaps the most heartwarming entry in this long-running that presents a very different path to solving the case.”
Kirkus Reviews
Aunt Dimity and the Summer King illuminates the layered writing room of Nancy Atherton's mind. . . . The best of Nancy Atherton on full display.”—Electric Review

“Atherton is a superb writer who brings a lot of charm and wit to her story.”
Suspense Magazine (on Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch)
“In the realm of the cozy mystery, there are few series that can hold a candle to Atherton’s Aunt Dimity series.”—

"Cozy and charming as a cup of Earl Grey, Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree is a novel to be savored.”—

“Always a charming read, the Aunt Dimity series is just right for when life gets too hectic and you need to slow down a bit.”—Deadly Pleasures Magazine (on Aunt Dimity Down Under)
“Atherton smoothly blends history, village life, and the otherworldly.”
Publishers Weekly (on Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure)