Wolfie and Fly

Wolfie and Fly

Publisher: Tundra Books
A classic story of imagination, friendship, adventure and speeding through the ocean in a cardboard box. For fans of Ivy & BeanJudy Moody or Nate the Great.

Wolfie and Fly is an early chapter book at its simplest and best. Our heroine, Renata Wolfman (Wolfie) does everything by herself. Friends just get in the way, and she only has time for facts and reading. But friendship finds her in the form of Livingston Flott (Fly), the slightly weird and wordy boy from next door. Before she knows it, Wolfie is motoring through deep water with Fly as her second in command in a submarine made from a cardboard box.

Out on a solo swim to retrieve a baseball vital to the mission, Wolfie is finally by herself again, but for the first time, she finds it a little lonely. Maybe there is something to this friend thing...


PRAISE FOR Wolfie and Fly:

"Fagan has lots of fun with the comedic contrast between Wolfie’s misanthropic tendencies and Fly’s enthusiasm . . . It’s a promising first outing for this memorable odd couple." --Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

PRAISE FOR Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas:
"Fagan has produced a lively tale of pirates, transatlantic voyages, and the usual heedless parents..."
--Books for Young People, Books of the Year Quill & Quire
"... Fagan crafts a zany tale that kids (in the spirit of Jacob's doublespeak) will want to read at least twice. Petricic[s] line art complements the story's humor..." --Publishers Weekly
"The broad humour and the full-bore, wonderful preposterousness of these four books makes them a great quartet of novels for young readers or for reading out. If asked the question about how this Cary Fagan novel stacks up against Richler's Two-Twos, the answer would be very well indeed. Seamlessly, the reader moves on to the crux of the matter here, which is Jacob's family's voyage from London, back to the city and land of his father's birth, Montreal, Canada." --The Globe and Mail
"... this book has high adventure and black-and-white line drawings interspersed throughout."
--School Library Journal
"... Well supplied with comical sketches from Petričić, plus a supporting cast... the episode fits into the series nicely in both breathless pacing and Roald Dahl-style zaniness ... it also fits nicely between the events of Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang and Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur. Not too-too bad." --Kirkus Reviews