40-Minute Bible Studies

The Essentials of Effective Prayer

Publisher: WaterBrook
Can You Know for Certain God Hears Your Prayers?

Do you sometimes wonder if God hears–let alone answers–your prayers? Do you ask yourself, What’s the point of praying? Do you long to experience the power of prayer in your daily life?
Find the keys to an effective prayer life in this compelling study that explores both God’s expectations of you and His promises to you when it comes to prayer. Through a detailed examination of the Lord’s Prayer and other examples of prayer throughout the Bible, you’ll discover a model for talking with God. You’ll also learn key principles of prayer and gain a deeper understanding of how prayer can draw you closer to His heart.


The Essentials of Effective Prayer


Do you pray?

Really, do you pray? How often? How effective do your prayers seem to be?

Do you question whether your prayer life is all it should be? Do you ever wonder if God still answers when people pray? Do you worry that you don’t...
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