Your Survival

Protect Yourself from Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Flu Pandemics, and other Disasters

Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
Protect your family and your home. Be prepared with Your Survival, a complete system -- handbook, video and organizer -- that makes planning for a disaster so simple, easy, and inexpensive that there’s no longer an excuse to put it off.

Complete with checklists to help you stock an emergency food closet, vet your insurance policy, improve the chances your S.O.S. calls and emails will get through when no one else’s can, and protect your home and your family against earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, terrorist attacks, pandemics... any crisis you may face.

Your Survival provides a wealth of life saving knowledge:

· Explore a 90-minute DVD which includes interviews with the nations foremost disaster experts
· Learn first-hand the most common mistakes people make
· Discover the 10 most important items you should have on hand at all times

With advice from survivors and experts alike, Your Survival is a vital investment.



You never think a disaster will happen to you. Kathy Hebert, a 46-year-old physician and public health analyst certainly didn’t. The longtime New Orleans resident always thought that keeping supplies and extra cash on hand, making copies of vital records, and buying supplemental insurance...
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