The Blue Roan Child

Publisher: Seal Books
An epic adventure of love, trust, magic, and a very special friendship between a brave young girl and a remarkable horse.

Syeira lives in Haysele, a land of horses and horse-sensitives. Fate pairs her with the wild mare Arwin when Arwin’s two colts are taken from her, and Syeira decides to help Arwin rescue the colts. Their mission proves harder than they imagined, for the fearsome Lord Ran has taken the colts far away to Thruckport, his fortified city by the sea.

But despite his power, Lord Ran’s empire is less secure than he thinks. Rebel forces are gathering against him, and a few brave souls are ready to risk their lives to help Syeira and Arwin. Even so, it will take all their courage to save the colts.

Like Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Jamieson Findlay’s The Blue Roan Child is an enchanting story for readers young and old.

From the Hardcover edition.


Mayhap a Horse will bee No Solid Colour, but Roan’d, which is, Mixt and Ingrain’d like the Blended Dawne, who is a Cordiall of Sun and Shadow. Thus a Blue Roan hath a Black Coate, with White Haires Threaded in; He is Grey Duske with a Scruple of Indigo, and Clear Twilight showing through a Cloudy Squall, and...
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“Jamieson Findlay is a romancer of words, a charmworker, and a fabulous new find. The Blue Roan Child is a story redolent of honey and applewood, of homeweave and the sweet breath of horses. But be warned: the pastoral pace of the early chapters soon gives way to a canter and, in time, to a wild and exhilarating gallop.” -- Tim Wynne-Jones, two-time winner of the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature

From the Hardcover edition.