The First Time

Publisher: Anchor Canada
One of Joy Fielding's early novels, re-issued for her fans!

   When Mattie Hart is diagnosed with ALS, her world is forever changed. Will she survive? And if so, how?

   Behind the shiny façade of her idyllic life, Mattie Hart feels as though she is gradually falling apart. After sixteen years of marriage, she has discovered that her husband, Jake, a high-profile defense attorney, is having yet another affair. But it is only when Jake finally confesses his infidelity and goes to live with his girlfriend that a far greater tragedy descends. Mattie is diagnosed with ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that severely affects her life expectancy and everything she holds dear. Racked with guilt over his wife's diagnosis, Jake returns home to take care of Mattie. In this most daunting and unexpected of circumstances, Joy Fielding deftly reveals the astonishing power of love to defy the greatest odds and to heal the deepest wounds.



She was thinking of ways to kill her husband.

Martha Hart, called Mattie by everyone but her mother, who regularly insisted Martha was a perfectly lovely name — "You don't see Martha Stewart changing her name, do you?" — was swimming back and forth across the long, rectangular pool...
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National Bestseller

"This is rich stuff. . . . Fielding has created an adept study of three flawed characters who, after years of playing head games, must learn how to communicate. Despite such heavy psychological drama, the tone lightens as together these three vanquish inner demons." ―Booklist

"A tonic account of how one woman discovers her truest self in the face of supreme disaster." —Kirkus Reviews

"Affecting. . . . Fielding is good at chronicling the messy tangle of family relationships. . . . [she] wins points for honesty and forthrightness, tackling complex issues and gearing readers up for a three-tissue finale." ―Publishers Weekly

"Fielding has made the women-in-jeopardy genre her own."

From the Hardcover edition.