Good Intentions

Publisher: Seal Books
New York Times bestselling author returns with a powerful novel about marriage, friendship, betrayal and good intentions.

Lynn Schuster didn’t expect the phone call from Marc Cameron, the other woman’s spouse. And she never expected to feel a strong attraction to him when they met and he offered her the perfect way to get even with her cheating husband. Savvy divorce lawyer Renee Bower warned Lynn to be careful. But Renee had a troubled marriage of her own; chilling suspicions about her stepdaughter’s hidden agenda and her handsome psychiatrist husband’s after-hours consultations were chipping away at her cool exterior. And now, as their lives unravel in counterpoint during this hot, explosive summer, Lynn and Renee are learning more than they ever wanted to know about love and betrayal.



She knew she was in trouble the minute she saw him.

“Lynn Schuster?” he asked as she slowly opened the front door.

“Marc Cameron?” she asked in return. They both nodded. Good, Lynn thought, stepping back to let him come inside. We know who we are. “Come in,...
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“The pace is brisk and the appeal and underlying strength of Lynn and Renee prevails. Another Fielding popular favourite.”
Library Journal