Don’t Cry Now

Publisher: Seal Books
Bonnie Wheeler had a picture-perfect life: a rewarding job as a schoolteacher, a happy marriage to a successful TV director, a sprawling suburban home, and Amanda, her adorable three-year-old daughter. She’d heard the sordid details about her husband’s ex-wife, Joan -- the drinking, the instability. Then Joan calls her with a cryptic warning -- you’re in danger, you and Amanda.

But when Joan is found murdered and Bonnie is the prime suspect, she knows this is no game. Suddenly her secure world comes crashing down around her. Things she once believed in are lies. People she thought she knew have shocking secrets to reveal.

Desperate to know who intends to harm her daughter, Bonnie is caught in a frantic race to keep Amanda safe -- even as she feels her own grasp on reality slipping....


Bonnie pulled her white Caprice into the driveway of 430 Lombard Street at exactly twelve thirty-eight -- there'd been an accident on the Mass turnpike and it had taken her over half an hour to get there -- parking directly be hind Joan's red Mercedes. Joan was obviously doing very well for herself, Bonnie decided. Despite...
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"A page-turner...maintains the suspense until the last surprising moment." -- Maclean's

"Well-crafted...A winner." -- Toronto Sun