The Women of the Otherworld Series

Men of the Otherworld

Publisher: Vintage Canada

As a curious child, Clayton didn’t resist the bite–he asked for it. But surviving as a lone child werewolf was more than he could manage–until Jeremy came along and taught him how to straddle the human-werewolf worlds, gave him a home…and introduced him to the Pack. So begins this volume, featuring three of the most intriguing members of the American Pack–a hierarchical founding family where bloodlines mean everything, and each day presents a new, thrilling, and often deadly challenge. As Clayton grows from a wild child to a clever teen who tests his beloved mentor at every turn, he must learn not only to control his animal instincts, but to navigate Pack politics–including showing his brutal arch nemesis, Malcolm, who the real Alpha is…


"Antonio." Dominic walked to the table and plunked down a bottle of cheap champagne. "I've decided to name him Antonio."

Malcolm sipped his beer as a chorus of "good choice" rose up from the others. Wally and Raymond Santos glanced Malcolm's way, as if seeking permission to congratulate...
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"Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourite writers." Karin Slaughter

"No matter which man is narrating—Clayton, Jeremy or the omniscient narrator who kicks things off—Armstrong creates a distinct and engaging voice and depth of character while maintaining her own sophisticated style." Winnipeg Free Press

"Better than sex and chocolate."