Party Girl

Publisher: Laurel Leaf
The room smells of sweat, smoke, beer, and longing.

The music pulses, the lights flash, and Kata and Ana dance. For a moment the raucous crowd is tamed, and together the two girls soar above their lives. But then the deafening applause sends the dancers crashing down to earth, back to the gang wars, the gunfire, and the only way of life they know.

In a neighborhood consumed by violence, every day may be a gang member's last. And sometimes the only life you can hope to save is your own.

From the Paperback edition.


Wind littered the cemetery with eucalyptus leaves and broken branches. I waited away from the others in the old section, lost in a field of granite headstones and marble angels.

My homies stood, uninvited, at Ana's open grave. The security guard with the yellow beard had asked them to leave. When they wouldn't he...
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"After reading the first two pages, you'll want to finish the book in one sitting." --Teen People

"Expertly describes the culture of Hispanic excellent book." --Chicago Tribune

"A gripping look at a fascinating, often ruthless, urban world." --Kirkus Reviews

From the Paperback edition.