Facing Fire

BY kc dyer
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Facing Fire, the dramatic sequel to A Walk Through a Window, demonstrates author kc dyer's unique ability to fashion historical narrative into a page-turner. dyer keeps her young audience simultaneously informed and entertained.

dyer's vivid, captivating style entices readers into the dramatic stories of those who have risked everything to make their way to Canada. Follow Darby as she witnesses first-hand the feats of the Underground Railroad, the shocking, fiery expulsion of the Acadians, and the electrifying lead up to the War of 1812.


Chapter One

It all began with a crying baby and a mistake. And the fire, of course.
The fire changed everything.
“Darby! It’s time—get a move on.”
Her mother’s voice wafted through the back door, just faint enough for her to...
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Praise for A Walk Through a Window:
"If you want fantastical, suspenseful fiction with your history, then a book by kc dyer is your route. In A Walk Through the Window, she's woven tales of Canada's diverse beginnings, with a very contemporary story about a teenager whose imagination needs a little jolt of inspiration not readily offered in today's information age."
— The Globe and Mail