Alien Invaders

Species That Threaten Our World

Publisher: Tundra Books

From killer toads, feral felines, and brown tree snakes to multiple invaders in the Great Lakes and Lake Victoria, Alien Invaders explores the impact on our ecosystems of the wave after wave of invaders and why they have become a worldwide concern. Environmentalists Jane Drake and Ann Love take us on a journey from the days of sailing ships and shipboard rats to the fungus that sparked the Irish potato famine to the beautiful but deadly purple loosestrife strangling native wetlands, while presenting the concepts of biodiversity and endangered species. Learn where the invaders originate, how they travel, what they displace, why the invaded natural system is vulnerable, and what can be done. Discover if you are an invader or a saver and how you can help.


Praise for Alien Invaders

"In a clear, informal text, illustrated with handsome color paintings, this intriguing science book discusses particular plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses that humans have, deliberately or accidentally, introduced to a new habitat." - Booklist

"The large, vibrant, colourful illustrations by veteran Toronto artist Mark Thurman do an excellent job of bringing the text to life. As well, there's a superb map of Earth, annotated with descriptions of how species travel....excellent reading for any young person looking for a unique perspective on environmental disasters, and contains lots of new information." - Quill & Quire

"The concluding chapters give further perspective on the impact of these species and what people are doing and can do to control them. The background on each double-page chapter is a full-bleed color painting that includes an illustration of the invader....the material is accessible and will be useful for young researchers." - School Library Journal