The History of Canada Series: The Best Place To Be

Expo '67 And Its Time

Publisher: Penguin Canada

For six months in 1967, from late April until the end of October, Canada and its world’s fair, Expo 67, became the focus of national and international attention in a way the country and its people had rarely experienced. Expo 67, staged in Montreal, crystallized the buoyant sense of confidence many felt during Canada’s centennial. And it’s clear that for many Canadians it became a touchstone, a popular event that penetrated the collective psyche.

John Lownsbrough takes a fresh and engaging look at Expo and at the social and political contexts in which it occurred. From stories about the physical setting which signified major technological and engineering feats to the people, both famous and not, who helped make Expo 67 memorable, The Best Place to Be is a terrific chronicle of a high point in Canada’s history.


“Evocative…. [The Best Place to Be] … is a bit of time travel with a nostalgic tint.” - The Globe and Mail

“A detailed backstory on how Expo came to be and how it was run, affording a further appreciation of this complex event…. A worthy addition to the … Expo 67 canon.” - National Post