Quieter than Sleep

Publisher: Bantam
Karen Pelletier abandoned her life in New York for a professorship at Massachusetts's elite Enfield College. But she quickly learns that New England is not the peaceful enclave she had imagined--and that not even the privileged world of academia is immune to murder....

Professor Karen Pelletier's prime literary passion is poet Emily Dickinson--a passion she shares with her hotshot colleague Randy Astin-Berger. Heir apparent to the head of Enfield's English department, the pompous Randy is the campus Casanova. That is, he was--until he was found strangled with his own flashy necktie.

The last person to see Randy alive--and the first to find him dead--Karen knows she must solve the case before she becomes the prime suspect. But to do that, she must first discover the truth behind Randy's final Dickinsonian discovery--a literary bombshell that may well have been to die for....

From the Paperback edition.


I might as well admit it: I was sick of desire.  Of love, sex, and desire, and all their cumbersome baggage.  First of all, I was lugging around the residue of a recently pulverized heart.  I should have been used to it by now.  It had been six months since I'd left Tony, my longtime...
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"A truly stunning academic mystery."
--Mystery Lovers Bookshop News

"A fine debut...a pleasure to read."
--The Boston Globe

"A white-knuckle ride through the hallowed halls of higher learning with a delightfully funny heroine who gives as good as she gets."

"A superior academic mystery that reminds me of early Amanda Cross."
--Booknews from The Poisoned Pen

"Deftly balancing its literary and mystery elements, Dobson's debut sparkles with wit and insight."
--Publishers Weekly

From the Paperback edition.