Publisher: Vintage Canada
A haunting tale of desire, death, and the power of the past.

Anthony is a British journalist whose American wife, Lucy, has suddenly died. Immersed in grief, he becomes obsessed with her youth and her life before they met. To satisfy his desperate need to uncover all the details of her previous existence, Anthony travels to a remote part of the Nevada desert to meet Lucy's first husband, who retained an emotional hold over her that endured even as Anthony's and Lucy's marriage grew increasingly passionate. The eerie, devastating encounter between the two men is the beginning of a journey that will take Anthony to the edge of madness, to a place where he is never far from the woman he loves.

Thanksgiving is a dark and riveting work, an unsparing yet compassionate portrait of a man trapped in emotional turmoil. A brilliant departure for Michael Dibdin, it is certain to be his most widely read book yet.


Later when word of what had happened got about and, in variously garbled versions, was for a time the common property of the entire nation-a television crew set up a satellite dish in a clearing on the hillside at the back of the Faigano property, paying what in local terms amounted to a small fortune for the temporary...
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“In his previous novels, which include the Aurelio Zen series, Michael Dibdin has strayed beyond the boundaries of mystery fiction, but he discards the trappings of the genre altogether in this portrait of a man stricken by grief after his wife is killed in an airplane crash.” — The New York Times

“Yes, Thanksgiving is a thriller…a thriller about those old standbys, love and death. Oh yes, and grief and memory and aging. It’s a thriller all right — physical and metaphysical — and clever Dibdin pulls it off neatly.” — The Globe and Mail