Blood Rain

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Tough, philosophical, and world-weary detective Aurelio Zen returns in Michael Dibdin's latest foray into the maze of Italian criminal and political entanglements.

This time Zen finds himself with an assignment he'd rather have avoided. After years of, shall we say, flirting with the enemy, he finds himself in the heart of hostile territory: Sicily, the ancient, beautiful island where blood has been known to flow like wine, if not water, and the distinction between the police and the criminals is a fine one. So when Zen's adopted daughter, Carla, comes across some information that certain people wish to remain secret and develops a friendship with a magistrate on the Mafia's most wanted list, the plot develops into one of Dibdin's most enthralling inventions.


Chapter OneWhat it all seemed to come down to, in those early days when everything looked as clear as the sea at sunrise, was the question of exactly where, how and when the train had been 'made up'. It was only much later that Aurelio Zen came to realize that the train had been made up in a quite different sense,...
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"Dibdin has surpassed himself. This is one of the best novels I've ever read, crime or otherwise." — The Globe and Mail

"Dibdin is a stylist whose prose soars.... There are passages of description here that haunt the memory long after the final dramatic climax is reached. When I got to the end, I wanted to start over again." — Sunday Herald (UK)

"A master...[Dibdin] uses the somber tones, circuitous locutions and dense plot structure appropriate to a region where every gesture...sends a subtle and dangerous message." — The New York Times