Stony River

Publisher: Penguin Canada
Stony River, New Jersey, 1955. On a sweltering June afternoon, Linda Wise and Tereza Dobra witness a disturbing scene. A pale, pretty girl who looks about their age is taken from Crazy Haggerty’s house by two uniformed policemen. Everyone in Stony River thought Crazy Haggerty lived alone. The pale, pretty girl is about to enter an alien world—and as Linda and Tereza try to make sense of what they’ve seen, they’re unaware their own lives will soon be shattered as well.

Set in a decade we tend to think of as a more innocent time, Stony River shows in dramatic and unexpected ways how perilous it was to come of age in the fifties.


“Nothing is what it seems in Stony River and Dower’s novel keeps you turning pages until the end.” - Goodreads User Quote