The Great Code

The Bible and Literature

Publisher: Penguin Canada
World-renowned critic and scholar Northrop Frye examines the Bible as the single most important influence in the imaginative tradition of Western art and literature. Frye rejects both the dogmatic and literal interpretations while celebrating the uniqueness of the Bible as distinct from all other epics and sacred texts. His highly original analysis shows the Bible as redeeming history with a visionary poetic perspective that complements science in the understanding of man’s nature.


“Astonishing in its perceptions and elegance” - The Washington Post

“No one has set forth so clearly, so subtly, or with such cogent energy as Frye the literary aspect of our biblical heritage.” - The New York Times Book Review

“Brilliant … it is difficult to be less than enormously impressed by the intelligence, passion, wit and sweep of the great argument.” - Canadian Forum

“The driving force of this amazing book is more mystical than skeptical … it ignores the improvisations of centuries of faith and doubt and sets up its mirror before the Bible itself, as it really is or seems to be.” - Frank Kermode, New Republic