Words With Power

Being a Second Study of the Bible and Literature

Publisher: Penguin Canada
With an introduction by Alvin A. Lee

“Northrop Frye was one of the most erudite and celebrated thinkers and writers of the twentieth century.” —Alvin A. Lee

The voice out of the whirlwind speaking to Job. Jacob's ladder. The Tower of Babel. The Garden of Eden. Cain and Abel. The Resurrection. The Harrowing of Hell.

Northrop Frye weaves these eternal themes and images through his second study of the Bible and literature. With the authority that comes from both great erudition and knowledge of life, and with his inimitable wit, Frye maps out the complex landscape of the imagination.


“This volume contains numerous shocks of illumination…. No one has set forth so clearly, so subtly, or with such cogent energy as Frye the literary aspect of our biblical heritage.” - New York Times Book Review