The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, Volume Two

Publisher: Bantam
A mystery as dazziling as a hall of mirrors.
A seductive, terrifying, all-too-real world.
A beguiling, erotic literary adventure.

Discover why readers everywhere are enthralled by this “marvelous confection of a book.”*

In which the astonishing adventure to end all adventures continues—and the excitement doubles.

Like every other honest man, an assassin has his reputation to consider. So it is with Cardinal Chang. A brutal killer with the heart of a poet, Chang is no longer able to trust those who hired him. Disconcerted, he sets out on the trail of a mystery like no other, in a city few have traveled to—featuring three unlikely heroes with a most intriguing bond.

*Philadelphia Inquirer


Chapter One


Once she made a decision, Miss Temple considered it an absolutely ridiculous waste of time to examine the choice further—and so from the vantage of her coach she did not debate the merits of her journey to the St. Royale Hotel, instead allowing herself the calming pleasure...
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“Fantastic…I was in seventh heaven.” —Kate Mosse, author of Labyrinth

“Carr[ies] the reader on a mind-twisting odyssey…sweeping, highly original and absorbing.” —Dallas Morning News

“Studded with treats…beautifully written.”—Entertainment Weekly

“As flat-out fun, engaging and funny as any tale of mystery and imagination I can recall.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A remarkable achievement of imagination and stellar writing.” —Tampa Tribune

“An erotically charged, rip-roaring adventure for adults with scarcely a dull moment to be had, which defies its great length to keep the reader on the edge of his seat.” —Daily Mail