Earth to Table

Seasonal Recipes from an Organic Farm

Publisher: Random House Canada
There is nothing more delicious than a tomato still warm from the sun. Though that is easy to forget when we are surrounded by food shipped to our supermarkets from around the world, the healthiest and most delicious food often comes from farmers and artisans just down the road. In Earth to Table, renowned chefs Jeff Crump and Bettina Schormann let nature write the menu. Tender, green things in spring. Ripe, juicy dishes in summer. The bounty of the harvest in autumn. Rich braises and tart preserves in winter.
Earth to Table brings together stories of the seasons on the farm, how-to sections and stunning photography--and, of course, creative and delectable recipes that will leave anyone wondering why they ever considered eating a tomato in February.


Milk and Honey Bread Our restaurant has a long history of bread-making; we have been selling loaves of bread for many years now and roll 70 loaves each day. Milk and honey bread is our standard white loaf. The milk and honey give the crust a beautiful dark color and add to the delicious texture of the bread....
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"A beautiful book in every way." Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore's Dilemma
"Elegant recipes, sumptuous photography and charming essays capture the appeal of eating local, seasonal cuisine." The Globe and Mail
"This cookbook will resonate with the do-no-harm category of cooks. It's an inspiration for those who want to eat seasonally, locally and organically." Vancouver Sun
"I've always believed the mark of a good cookbook is how banged up and stained the pages become, and if I judged Earth to Table by this metric after my week of testing it, you'd assume good food must live here. Coincidentally, it does." Porsha Perreault, Taste T.O.
"A wonderful cookbook." Billy Munnelly, Billy's Best Bottles