A Cash McLendon Novel

Silver City

A Novel of the American West

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Cash McLendon faces stone-cold enforcer Killer Boots in an Old West showdown, in New York Times bestselling author Jeff Guinn’s riveting follow-up to Buffalo Trail, winner of the TCU Texas Book Award.

Cash McLendon, reluctant hero of the epic Indian battle at Adobe Walls, has journeyed to Mountain View in the Arizona Territory with one goal: to convince Gabrielle Tirrito that he’s a changed man and win her back from schoolteacher Joe Saint. As they’re about to depart by stage for their new life in San Francisco, Gabrielle is kidnapped by enforcer Killer Boots, who is working on orders from crooked St. Louis businessman Rupert Douglass. Cash, once married to Douglass’s troubled daughter, fled the city when she died of accidental overdose—and Douglass vowed he’d track Cash down and make him pay.
            Now McLendon, accompanied by Joe Saint and Major Mulkins, hits the trail in pursuit of Gabrielle and Killer Boots, hoping to make a trade before it’s too late.



The town of Mountain View, in Arizona Territory, was in every respect an impressive place. It bustled at all hours, since the two silver mines on its outskirts were in full operation around the clock. Changing shifts of miners were in constant need of meals in the town’s half-dozen restaurants, none of...

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“[A] rousing story of revenge....Plenty of action for genre western fans but enough meat for a broader cut of historical-fiction readers.” --Booklist

“Wonderful....This is a Western you have to love, and Killer Boots might be the most unnerving Western bad man since Blue Duck in Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove.”-- Roundup Magazine

“This is what Guinn does: Instead of filling his books with the mythology of the Old West, much of which has no basis in fact, he goes for authenticity and reveals what life in those times really was like.” --Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

“In previous works, Fort Worth novelist Jeff Guinn has shown a keen eye for detail and historical accuracy. They serve him well again in Silver City…skillfully raises the stakes for his main characters….Silver City caps off an engrossing Old West trilogy well worth reading.” –Dallas Morning News
“Guinn gives readers a good chase up and through the Arizona desert, an exciting fight with a young Geronimo and his men, and a scrappy new heroine with a definite mind of her own.” –Quad City Times

““What makes his books stand out is the ability to show how women played an important role in frontier society….Guinn displays women as gutsy, independent, and strong.” --Historical Novels Review

“Will keep you turning the pages....Guinn…really knows how to keep a reader zoned in.” -Abilene Reporter-News

“This latest entry did not disappoint. The steady unraveling of the plot is genuinely exciting. Killer Boots is a devious killer, and when Cash convinces Gabrielle to move to California with him, their whole world spins out of control…I highly recommend this book and the series as a whole.” –Historical Novels Review

“Perfect for fans of John Wayne and Zane Grey. . . A worthy read for any fan of the Old West. Lively characters, authentic Old West settings, and great storytelling highlight this tale. . . Silver City is a rousing Western adventure, and one this ol' cowboy fan found very satisfying.” –The Oklahoman

Praise for Buffalo Trail

“A grand effort, and Quanah and his bogus medicine man, Isatai, are an entertaining pair.” —Booklist
“Full of historical notable figures from the Old West, this second volume in Guinn’s trilogy not only provides a buoyant narrative but also several lessons in Western history. This title is so well constructed that it could stand alone. Guinn skillfully ties his carefully constructed prologue outlining the Massacre at Sand Creek (1864) to a lone female warrior he imagines at the Second Battle at Adobe Walls.” —Library Journal
“Guinn makes lively characters of historical buffalo hunters, and his imaginative take booms like a Sharps .50 as cultures collide across the Cimarron River. . . . Guinn’s research brings to life the daily lives of the Comanche. . . . Few Westerns reach the level of Lonesome Dove, but Guinn’s latest is a better, more rambunctious tale than the trilogy’s opener.” —Kirkus Reviews