Deng Xiaoping Is a Chain-Smoking Communist Dwarf

The Sayings of Pat Buchanan

Publisher: Ballantine Books
Here is Pat Buchanan in his own words:

“Someone’s values are going to prevail. Why not ours? Whose country is it, anyway? Whose moral code says we may interfere with a man’s right to be a practicing bigot, but must respect and protect his right to be a practicing sodomite?”Right from the Beginning, Pat Buchanan’s autobiography

“My good friend Bob Dole, basically, is the bellhop of the Business Roundtable.”—Campaign appearance, Clearwater, SC, February 28, 1996

“I think God made all people good, but if we had to take a million immigrants in, say, Zulus, next year, or Englishmen, and put them in Virginia, what group would be easier to assimilate and would cause less problems for the people of Virginia?”This Week with David Brinkley, December 8, 1991

“The homosexuals have declared war upon nature and nature is exacting an awful retribution. I believe that homosexuality, like other vices, is an assault upon the nature of the individual as God made him.”Face the Nation, March 26, 1995

“I will appoint the justices that will overturn that abomination called Roe. v. Wade.”—Appearance before Christian Coalition rally, Manchester, NY, February 16, 1996

“Lock and load!”The Washington Post, February 18, 1996