The Bookseller

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Paul Stevens is a bookseller in the marginalized world of used books, a lover of Flaubert and Dickens, young, unsure of himself - until he meets Judith and is drawn into her secret world.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


"Vividly observed and arrestingly well written--. An atmospheric, polished, pensive and suspenseful tale." -The New York Times

"Rich with the bittersweet fragrance of autumn and the magic of words." -Vancouver Sun

"A penetrating view of the underside of the human condition that never fails to convince us that there are tragic songs still to be written from that vantage point.... The result is like poetry written on a worn-out dollar bill." -The Montreal Gazette

"Cohen's investigation of unlikely, yet inevitable, human interdependence is wise and sensitive." -Publishers Weekly

"A powerful novel, peopled by a vividly-drawn cast of characters." -London Free Press

"A spare and disturbing meditation on familial obligations and affections.... A concise, chilly work, an unblinking examination of the manner in which love and hate intertwine. Deeply compelling." -Kirkus Reviews

From the Trade Paperback edition.