Getting Lucky

Publisher: Vintage Canada
With a clear-eyed affection for the wandering souls who populate his stories—as they cling to talismans like a cowboy shirt, a chenille bedspread and a 1953 classic Ford—Matt Cohen causes us to look at them, and the worlds they inhabit, in unexpected ways. In his darkly comic, wholly original manner, he moves and surprises us, makes us laugh, and reveals the many sides of his extraordinary imagination.

From the Hardcover edition.


Getting lucky

Michael,” the woman said. “That’s quite a name.” She leaned across the table and squinted at his face as though it were a book with small print. “Michael. Now there’s a name that says something to me.” She leaned back. “It says quiet,...
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"Intelligent, funny, romantic, ironic, audacious, mysterious, ridiculous, sublime--a wonderful writer at the top of his form." - National Post

"When the dust has settled, long after we've joined him, readers in many countries will be finding their way into the funny, poignant, bittersweet pleasures of Matt Cohen's imagination." - Dennis Lee

"Matt Cohen had very particular genius as a writer: the talent and self-confidence to constantly reinvent himself in different styles and modes." - John Ralston Saul

From the Trade Paperback edition.