Egg on Mao

A Story of Love, Hope and Defiance

Publisher: Vintage Canada
The eagerly-awaited new book by Denise Chong, author of the award-winning, national bestseller, The Concubine’s Children.

In her first book in a decade, beloved author Denise Chong, tells the story of a man who humiliated a repressive regime in front of the entire world, and whose daring gesture informs our view of human rights to this day.

Despite his family’s impeccable Communist roots, Lu Decheng, a small town bus mechanic, grew up intuiting all that was wrong with Mao’s China. As a young man he believes truth and decency mattered, only to learn that preserving the Chairman’s legacy mattered more.

Lu’s story reads like Shakespearean drama, peppered with defiance, love and betrayal. His steadfast refusal to acquiesce comes to a head, but not an end, with his infamous defacing of Mao’s portrait during the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square.

From the Hardcover edition.



The reaction of onlookers caromed wildly between praise and condemnation. Many remained incredulous, not knowing what to make of what they had just seen the two young men do.

The curious lobbed questions.

"Who are you?"

"Who do you represent?"

"Why would you do that? What do...
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Praise for Egg on Mao:

"Chong is a masterful storyteller. . . .Egg on Mao is a lovely and fascinating look at not only China, but also the power of friendship and human decency." —Quill and Quire
"Egg on Mao speaks the universal language of human rights." —The Daily News

Praise for The Concubine's Children:

"Beautiful, haunting and wise, [The Concubine' s Children] lingers in the mind like a portrait one returns to in a family album, and elicits the same mysterious response of love, melancholy and pride."
The New York Times Book Review

From the Hardcover edition.