The War of the Saints

Publisher: Dial Press Trade Paperback
Jorge Amado has been called one of the great writers of our time.  The joyfulness of his storytelling and his celebration of life's sensual pleasures have found him a loyal following.  With The War Of The Saints,  he has created an exuberant tale set among the flashing rhythms, intoxicating smells, and bewitching colors of the carnival. The holy icon of Saint Barbara of the Thunder is bound for the city of Bahia for an exhibition of holy art.  As the boat the bears the image is docking, a miracle occurs and Saint Barbara comes to life, disappearing into the milling crowd on the quay.  Somewhere in the city a young woman has fallen in love, and her prudish guardian aunt has locked her away--an act of intolerance that Saint Barbara must redress.  And when she casts her spell over the city, no one's life will remain unchanged.


Chapter One

The Crossing

Casting Off

That day, though the hour was surprisingly late, the Sailor Without a Port was only just entering the far side of the Bay of All Saints, from upriver, under full sail–the sea, a blue mantle, the lover told his beloved. And strangely enough, in the wake of...
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"Dazzling...a tour de force and irrefutable proof of the writer's artistic maturity...a carnival of rhythm and color." --Boston Sunday Globe