No Cure for Love

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
On the twentieth anniversary of No Cure for Love--Peter Robinson's classic, standalone noir mystery--comes this sharp repackage, which features an introduction by Michael Connelly.

     You think you do not know who I am, but you do. They took you away and Seduced you and stole you from me, just as the others did before. They have tried to blot out your Memory of me... But everything is clear now...

     At first, British TV star and recent Los Angeles transplant Sarah Broughton thinks the letters she has been receiving are from a typical fan--someone a little strange, perhaps, but harmless. But when her admirer--who identifies himself only as "M"--starts threatening Sarah and her loved ones, she turns to detectives Arvo Hughes and Maria Hernandez of the LAPD Threat Management Unit and experts in pursuing the most dangerous of stalkers. Pitted against a frighteningly twisted mind, the detectives test their expertise and experience to the limit in the desperate race to save Sarah's life.
     Twisted, fast-paced, and suspenseful, No Cure for Love will have readers on the edge of their seats.


   • "In No Cure for Love Peter Robinson takes his readers to two places a world apart with ease and authority. He knows his turf and he has seeded it with action, intrigue and fine writing. . . . [A] great read! And it goes on my shelf of favourite L.A. novels." --Michael Connelly, author of The Burning Room 

   • "This is a fast-paced novel with great characters and a tight plot. Robinson has done his homework and his Los Angelenos have the ring of authenticity. Looks like Hughes and Hernandez may just join Banks on the series shelf." --Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail 

   • "In No Cure for Love, endurance becomes a cat-and-mouse game involving the strange trio of a British TV star working in L.A., and LAPD detective haunted by demons from his past and a murderous, love- obsessed psychopath. . . . [A] fine read." --The Windsor Star