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Dear Fang, With Love

A Novel

Publisher: Vintage
Lucas and Katya were seniors when they made the impetuous decision to have a baby. Seventeen years later, Lucas is now only a weekend dad, newly involved in his daughter Vera's life after a decade of absence. But when Vera suffers a terrifying psychotic break at a high school party, Lucas makes another impulsive decision: he takes her to Lithuania, his grandmother's homeland.

Here, in the city of Vilnius, Lucas hopes to save Vera from the sorrow of her diagnosis, but while he uncovers a secret about his grandmother's WWII past, Vera searches for answers of her own. Why did Lucas abandon her as a baby? What really happened the night of her breakdown? And who can she trust with the truth?


If you want to know what kind of girl my daughter, Vera, was, there is a story her mother, Katya, tells over and over. I wasn’t there myself, but it is part of the family lore: little Vera, five years old, her dark hair in braids, attending another little girl’s birthday. It was an overly elaborate party...
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The questions, discussion topics, and reading list that follow are intended to enhance your reading group’s conversation about Dear Fang, With Love, Rufi Thorpe’s mesmerizing and emotionally potent new novel about a young father who seeks to better his relationship with his troubled teenage daughter while on a...
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“A hauntingly beautiful novel about a father and daughter. . . . The story grapples with absentee fathers, legendary matriarchs, mental illness, theodicy, adolescent love, and the persistence of hope in the face of suffering, and somehow, Thorpe weaves all these threads together into an enthralling narrative that has me desperate to keep turning the page.” —Robin Wasserman, Miami Herald

“A deeply-detailed, beautiful, often hilarious novel. . . . Utterly original.” —The Huffington Post 
“Beautiful. . . . A family vacation narrative with far more depth and nuance than a typical beach read but a perfectly welcome addition to a beach tote all the same.” —The Washington Post
“Blends the cultural history of The Tiger's Wife with the madcap energy of Dave Eggers.” —BookPage 

 “Thorpe is a major talent, and reading her work will bring to mind other writers … like Donna Tartt or Ann Patchett.” —The Seattle Review of Books 

“Vera and Lucas and their tour companions will live on in the reader’s imagination, all of them longing for something that seems out of reach. . . . Definitely an author to watch.” —The Washington Times 
 “Refreshing and impressive.” Brooklyn magazine

 “Thorpe manages to tackle dark issues—estranged families, mental illness, and failed relationships—with a unique sense of humor and big-hearted empathy.” —Electric Literature

“This book weaves an emotional web that will draw you in completely.” —Bustle 

 “Tremendous. . . . Showcase[s] Thorpe’s fabulous versatility, insight, and humor. . . . An absolute winner.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)