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Publisher: Vintage Canada
From Anne Carson, the award-winning Canadian author of Autobiography of Red, comes a landmark collection that stretches the boundaries of genre, pressing the traditional form of the essay into new service. In succinct and astonishingly beautiful prose and verse, Anne Carson exposes the fragile differences between "I" and "you," and between the modern and the classical, in a voice that shatters convention with its integrity and clarity.

Carson envisions a present-day interview with a 7th- century BC poet; lectures on subjects as diverse as hedonism and Ovid; imagines a 15th-century painter's muse at a phenomenology conference in Italy; and in the final section presents a poetic travelogue of a woman's life that beautifully contemplates the difference between the sexes. Plainwater is a stunning collection.


"Breathtaking. . . . A work of gorgeous innovation and a staunch hypnotic intelligence." --The Village Voice

The introduction, discussion questions, suggestions for further reading, and author biography that follow are designed to enhance your group's reading and discussion of the work of Anne...
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"The most exciting poet writing in English today." --Michael Ondaatje

"Breathtaking...[a] work of gorgeous innovation and a staunch, hypnotic intelligence." -The Village Voice

"Carson has created an individual form and style for narrative verse.-- Seldom has Pound's injunction -- Make It New -- been so spectacularly obeyed." -The New York Review of Books

"Carson writes like an angel--Her passions recall that incandescent chronicler of love Elizabeth Smart [and] Malcolm Lowry's passionate stream of consciousness." -Katherine Govier, TIME