Men in the Off Hours

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Anne Carson has been acclaimed by her peers as the most imaginative poet writing today. In a recent profile, The New York Times Magazine paid tribute to her amazing ability to combine the classical and the modern, the mundane and the surreal, in a body of work that is sure to endure. In Men in the Off Hours, Carson offers further proof of her tantalizing gifts. Reinventing figures as diverse as Oedipus, Emily Dickinson and Audubon, she sets up startling juxtapositions: Lazarus among video paraphernalia, Virginia Woolf and Thucydides discussing war, Edward Hopper paintings illuminated by St. Augustine. And in a final prose poem, Carson meditates movingly on the recent death of her mother. With its quiet, acute spirituality, its fearless wit and sensuality, and its joyful understanding that "the fact of the matter for humans is imperfection," Men in the Off Hours shows us a fiercely individual poet at her best.


TV Men: Lazarus


Yes I admit a degree of unease about my
motives in making
this documentary.
Mere prurience of a kind that is all too common nowadays
in public catastrophes. I was listening

to a peace negotiator for the Balkans talk
about his...
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"One of the most innovative poets writing today." --Seattle Weekly

The introduction, discussion questions, suggestions for further reading, and author biography that follow are designed to enhance your group's reading and discussion of the work of Anne Carson, whom Michael Ondaatje praised as "...
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"Carson's reputation has soared to a level equal to that of the half-dozen most admired contemporary American poets of the 21st century."
The New York Times Book Review

"Anne Carson... is another of those literary treasures better known internationally than at home... She's become one of those writers other writers talk about with a kind of awe."
The Toronto Star

"The most exciting poet writing in English today."
—Michael Ondaatje

"Carson is where the action is in contemporary poetry."
The Globe and Mail