The Mistress of Nothing

Publisher: Anchor Canada
Kate Pullinger's Governor General's Literary Award-winning novel about a lady, her maid and the man that comes between them.
     Lady Duff Gordon is the toast of Victorian London society but when she contracts tuberculosis, she and her devoted lady's maid, Sally, set sail for Egypt and an entirely new life. Sally and Lady Duff Gordon thrive in their new and exotic surroundings, learning Arabic, adopting native dress and visiting the tombs of ancient pharaohs.
Soon, Sally adapts to this new world and to the heady freedom she's never known before. But freedom and romance are luxuries a lady's maid can ill afford. When Sally yearns for more than her status entitles her to, she receives a brutal reminder that she is the mistress of nothing.


   • "A highly sensual evocation of place and time. The Mistress of Nothing explores the subtle complexities of power, race, class and love during the Victorian era." --Governor General's Literary Award jury citation 

   • "Tantalizing. . . Sally's observations bring this lost world to life." --The New York Times Book Review