Vitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend

Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books
A new family moves in near Vitello, only they don’t have a cool boy for him to play with, just a yucky girl. And it won’t be fun to play with a yucky girl and her crazy hamster. Definitely not.

Vitello lives in a terraced house by a ring road with his mum, where the traffic is noisy and his friends are annoying. He’s had other adventures and been in other scrapes too.


So Vitello cleared off back to number 27, and now the removal van was gone. And there was a red car parked outside the house, and a mum and dad were unpacking bits and pieces from the car. Pot plants and that sort of thing.
?"Hi, new family," said Vitello.
?"Hello there," said the dad.
?"Hi to you too," said the...
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"Full of quirky humour and an anarchic sense of fun that children will love" Booktrust

"Cool characters and some great, quirky illustrations help to make this new series incredibly appealing for boys" Sun