The Essential Mary Lawson 2-Book Bundle

Crow Lake; The Other Side of the Bridge

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Mary Lawson’s #1 internationally bestselling novels are stunning in their storytelling appeal, for their unforgettable characters who have become beloved to many thousands of readers, for their depth of feeling, and in their nuanced depiction of life in small-town rural Canada. Set in the rough-hewn heart of the Canadian Shield, Crow Lake brings us into the lives of a young family, orphaned and bound close by loss. Mary Lawson pays out their gripping, emotionally and morally subtle story with heartbreaking humour and consummate control, overturning one’s expectations to the end. In The Other Side of the Bridge, Lawson weaves a slow-burning tale of two brothers’ jealousy and rivalry, and also of the community they live in, decimated after World War II. Deeply engaging in its tenderness, this is a compellingly humane novel with a shocking climax.


“Like her fellow Canadians Alice Munro and Carol Shields, Lawson is a master of the quiet moment made significant.”
The Scotsman
“A tribute to the power of old-fashioned storytelling. . . . Lawson’s narrative gift, voiced in quiet, unselfconscious prose that never distracts from the story, is immense.”
“A brilliant storyteller. . . . The depth, honesty and feeling throughout are superbly wrought. Crow Lake is a wondrous thing—it’s a new Canadian classic.”
The Hamilton Spectator
“[In The Other Side of the Bridge], Lawson transported me into a place that I know does not exist by taking me deep down into the story of a family whose fate is inexorable and universal. Their reality became mine.”
The Globe and Mail