The Last Roundup Trilogy

A Star Called Henry; Oh, Play That Thing; The Dead Republic

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In The Last Roundup Trilogy, Booker Prize-winner and bestselling author Roddy Doyle gives us a pulsing saga full of epic adventures, breathless escapes, star-crossed love, and an unforgettable Irish hero—Henry Smart.
In A Star Called Henry, hailed as “Doyle’s best novel yet . . . a masterpiece, an extraordinarily entertaining epic” (The Washington Post), we meet a young Henry Smart on the dangerous streets of early 1900s Dublin, on his way to becoming an Irish Republican legend. Oh, Play That Thing turns Smart loose on 1920s America, where he tries to escape a history of murder and mayhem, and befriends up-and-coming musician Louis Armstrong in vividly evoked Jazz Age Chicago. The Dead Republic, the moving finale to the trilogy, finds Smart back in Ireland, where worlds collide and he is thrust back into the life he thought he’d left behind decades before. In three brilliant novels, Roddy Doyle has told the whole history of Ireland in the twentieth century. And in the person of his Henry Smart, he has created one of the great characters of modern fiction.


“Henry Smart remains one of Roddy Doyle’s great characters. Funny, laconic, profane, he spits back every role History force-feeds him.”
The Globe and Mail
“The life of Henry Smart is that of Ireland and its romance with America over the whole of the last century. . . . Trust Roddy Doyle on this one. Go with the story. It’s magnificent.”
Financial Times
 “The genius of this author’s novels and stories—like those of every great comic writer—is that though they have conscience and purpose, they’re still howlingly funny.”
Los Angeles Times
“The best novelist of his generation.”
—Nick Hornby, Literary Review