Secrets of the Amazing Kreskin

The World's Foremost Mentalist Reveals How You Can Expand Your Powers

Publisher: Prometheus Books
The world's foremost mentalist demonstrates how to condition mind and body in order to accomplish many of the extraordinary mental feats that Kreskin accomplishes.

"The Amazing Kreskin" is a scientist of the mind, relying on natural and scientific means to perform effects that have baffled millions around the world. "Natural laws govern the working of the mind," he says. "Those who do not understand the laws usually label mental phenomena as supernatural or extrasensory. In fact, few of us have tapped more than a fraction of our mental potential." In this book, he reveals how readers can use their latent mental abilities to enhance the ordinary senses to accomplish effects that resemble telepathy and clairvoyance. Kreskin insists that there is nothing supernatural about any of these effects, and he redefines ESP as "extremely sensitive perception" to remove all connotation of the "other world" from this completely natural ability.

Kreskin explains how to heighten awareness, increase powers of concentration, discover unknown strengths, tap the power of the unconscious, employ the power of illusion, utilize the power of suggestion, control attitudes and behavior, use silent communication, and predict with educated guesses. He also offers tips on how to hear whispers in a crowded room; "predict" news stories weeks in advance; "read thoughts" in the minds of complete strangers; influence others' attitudes and actions; produce "hypnotic" effects without "hypnosis"; become a human lie detector; and locate lost objects. Readers will be amazed and amused by what Kreskin can teach them about their own potential.