The Last Interview Series

Hannah Arendt: The Last Interview

And Other Conversations

Publisher: Melville House
“There are no dangerous thoughts for the simple reason that thinking itself is such a dangerous enterprise.”
—Hannah Arendt

In these interviews—including her final interview given in October 1973, in the midst of Watergate and the Yom Kippur War—Hannah Arendt discusses politics, war, protest movements, the Eichmann trial, Jewish identity, and language with the incisiveness and courage that always set her apart.


"We are still living in Hannah Arendt's world... It is hard to name a thinker of the twentieth century more sought after as a guide to the dilemmas of the twenty-first." —Adam Kirsch,The New Yorker

“The combination of tremendous intellectual power with great common sense makes Miss Arendt’s insight into history and politics seem both amazing and obvious.” —Mary McCarthy

“[Arendt] took responsibility for observing the inhuman uses of power and for summoning her generation to judgment and action.” —Samantha Power, The New York Review of Books