Disgusting Critters

The Fly

The Disgusting Critters Series

Publisher: Tundra Books
The first in a series of humorous books about disgusting creatures, The Fly is a look at the common housefly. It covers such topics as the hair on the fly's body (requires a lot of shaving), its ability to walk on the ceiling (it's pretty cool, but it's hard to play soccer up there), and its really disgusting food tastes (garbage juice soup followed by dirty diaper with rotten tomato sauce, for example). Although silly and off-the-wall, The Fly contains real information that will tie in with curriculum.


“Rare are nonfiction books that might appeal to a wider audience. The Fly by Elise Gravel (and the Disgusting Critters series to which it belongs) has the potential to do this. Funny, informative, gross, and just plain entertaining, it has a lot going for it .... Fact-filled enough to satisfy those interested in flies, yet with enough charm to grab those who aren’t. This is a great entry into a series kids will likely latch onto.” - School Library Journal

“Opportunities for jokes abound in The Fly .... Gravel takes obvious joy in detailing the housefly’s typical meals, which include such savory delights as garbage-juice soup, dirty diapers, and doggie doo (cue the squeals of revulsion and giggling).” - Quill and Quire

The Fly is a unique nonfiction book about the common housefly. Full of interesting facts, the book reads more like a picture book or simple graphic novel. Everything you never wanted to know about one of mankind’s least favourite creatures is covered in this book .... This series is a must-read for children who like the world’s most unlikeable creatures.” - CM Magazine

“.... delightfully distressing series ....”  - The National Post