Publisher: Tundra Books
Millhouse is a faint-hearted, hairless guinea pig. A great lover of all things theatrical, most especially the work of William Shakespeare, Milly longs for the limelight and someone to love. However, after the death of his beloved owner, the great actor Sir Roderick Lord Kingswagger, Millhouse is abandoned to a neglected and dusty pet shop filled with other rodents -- some rude, some odd, some cute and some downright frightening. Finding himself a reviled outcast and a target of the nasty Pepper Brown ferret, Millhouse sets about trying to find a way back to the theater and a happy home, and in doing so experiences more drama than he could ever have imagined.


".... exciting and entertaining ...." - School Library Journal

"By far the best aspect of Millhouse is the author's own illustrations, which in and of themselves justify the creation of a story to accompany them. Millhouse's dramatic expressions, the ferret's malicious sneers, the wild mouse Sargent's military nobility .... In Millhouse, Ghent has created an almost-sufficient story in just the illustrations." - Resource Links

"In the tradition of Charlotte's Web and The Cricket in Times Square, Natale Ghent's Millhouse stars an eclectic cast of creatures with hopes and dreams just like our own .... The language is lyrical and lends itself to reading aloud .... Ghent's occasional illustrations capture the personalities of the animals perfectly, and adds a touch of whimsy and light-heartedness throughout." - Readerly