Publisher: Anchor Canada
 Stay follows Abbey, a young woman from Canada now living in a village outside Galway. She falls in love with Dermot, an older Irish man, in an unconventional, affectionate but troubled relationship.
     The extraordinary skill of Stay lies in its unsentimental depiction of modern Ireland. The inhabitants of Dermot's village form a riotous and poignant chorus, commenting on their rapidly changing world with wit and insight. Here is a beautiful, funny and richly rewarding novel about history and obligation, and above all, the meaning of human connection in a land poised uneasily between past and present.


 • "For all the complexity in Hunter's book . . . there is also a minute attention to detail and an elegance in the natural dialogue. Hunter heaps ideas on you, ideas you want to stop and think about, in such a subtle, tender way that you never feel assaulted, but rather protected." --The Globe and Mail
 • "Hunter has created a redolent, peat-reeking sense of Ireland, mournful but sometimes blackly hilarious. . . . The smell of life is what makes Stay so compelling." --Vancouver Sun