Wicked and Weird

The Amazing Tales of Buck 65

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Star radio-host Rich Terfry presents the amazing tales of his alter ego, musician Buck 65, in this rollicking account of growing up poor, talented, baseball-obsessed, music-mad and girl-smitten.

With wit, style and a born writer's knack for telling detail, Rich Terfry gives us the wildly entertaining story of his unusual life through the eyes of his shy but brilliant and preternaturally observant alter-ego, Buck. Born in a small town in Nova Scotia to a mother who begins yelling at him the moment he is born and a father who keeps his own counsel, Buck imbibes fear and insecurity like other kids guzzle milk. Hobbled by his fears and demons, Buck almost disappears into the “evil in the woods” that lurks just beyond the town's border . . . until he is saved by three gifts: baseball, romantic love and music. His epic journey­­—full of diversions, coincidences, and larger-than-life characters—out of the darkness of his suicide-plagued childhood and into the bright wide world begins with a killer pitching arm (Buck almost makes it to the pros) and continues with his transformation into hip hop artist Buck 65. Along the way, Buck develops into a hopeless romantic and an obsessively creative, shape-shifting man who both fears life and dives into it with abandon. Wicked and Weird is a lively, sometimes shocking portrait of a life lived on the edge, by turns funny and heartbreaking.

From the Hardcover edition.


An Amazon.ca Editors’ Best Canadian Book of 2015

"Fast-paced and profoundly emotional . . . an experience not to be missed." —The Huffington Post

"Rich Terfry is a pretty darn good writer. And Wicked and Weird is an exceptionally satisfying, intermittently edifying, book." —The Globe and Mail

"Entertaining . . . A rollicking memoir about a fascinating guy." —NOW Magazine

"Wicked and Weird is the story of a boy who is born into squalor, poverty and ugliness, but who has inexplicably magical and lofty dreams. The tale that follows is dark, surreal, addictive and quietly redemptive." —Heather O'Neill, award-winning author of Lullabies for Little Criminals

From the Hardcover edition.