Ecosystem Series

Who Needs a Desert?

A Desert Ecosystem

Publisher: Tundra Books
Karen Patkau takes readers on an amazing voyage of discovery to find out

   • How deserts are formed 
   • Where deserts are found 
   • How plants and animals adapt to the severe environment 
   • What wildlife thrives there 
   • Which plants bloom under the blazing sun 
   • How desert plants and animals get energy and food 
   • What happens in the rainy seasons 
   • Why desert land becomes barren 
   • Why we need deserts


PRAISE FOR Ecosystem Series:

"Patkau introduces readers to the North American Arctic ecosystem efficiently and methodically, discussing habitat, the food chain and seasonal changes, along with the ever-important formation of the iceberg.... Her digitally composed illustrations at times offer informative scenic views, and at times, present readers with more direct scientific information. This, as well as its companion volumes Who Needs a Swamp? and Who Needs a Jungle? offers a clear, readable introduction for budding naturalists and geographers." - The Toronto Star

"...Patkau offers a series of vibrant scenes ... striking illustrations. The text both interprets the visual content ... and offers paragraphs of diverse facts." - Booklist