Legends, Icons & Rebels

Music That Changed the World

Publisher: Tundra Books
Part memoir, part tribute, and all great storytelling ...
Music industry veterans Robbie Robertson, Jim Guerinot, Jared Levine, and Sebastian Robertson invite young readers to share with them in celebrating twenty-seven musical legends. Short profiles chronicle personal stories and achievements of extraordinarily talented artists whose innovations changed the landscape of music for generations to come. Carefully compiled like any great playlist, the line-up features originators, rebels, and risk-takers across diverse genres. From Ray Charles to Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry to Bob Dylan, Robertson shares anecdotes about these artists and the influence they had on his own musical journey. Always respectful of their reader, the writers never shy away from speaking about the difficult challenges these recording artists faced and the very human foibles that sometimes led to their tragic end. Most of all, it's the authors' passion and insights into these personal stories of creativity and collaboration -- and the power of music to shine a light on injustice and foster change -- that will fascinate, enlighten, and inspire music fans of all ages.


Selected, Amazon's list of Best Books of the Month, 2013
Selected, Booklist's list of Editor's Picks, 2013
Selected, Associated Press's list of 15 Gift-worthy Coffee Table Books for the Holidays, 2013
Selected, Rolling Stone's Gift Guide, 2013

“These admiring sketches offer a clear understanding of what made these musicians important and influential .... Readers may be inspired to explore their music and dig deeper into their lives and careers ....” - Kirkus Reviews

“Written by the Band’s Robbie Robertson, his son, and two music industry executives, this weighty tribute provides two-page biographies of 27 artists from Chuck Berry to Bob Dylan, placing each one in the context of music history .... Two CDs include a single hit from each musician, an impressive collection. An ideal gift for children whose parents have just discovered that they don’t know who Otis Redding is.” - Publishers Weekly

“Wow, just wow! This book is big in every way .... A variety of illustrators have provided the pictures, and each one is so memorable you want to rip it out and frame it .... In a book so visually appealing, it’s a treat that the words grab as much as the pictures .... All of the material feels fresh, and with backmatter aplenty, there are lots of ways that this could be used in schools—or kids could just kick back, read, and listen.” - Starred Review, Booklist

“The list is impeccable and daring .... The bios, accompanied by striking illustrations, are informative and atmospheric. Robertson gives a musician’s perspective on the artists and studs the book with reminiscences like playing an early version of The Band for George Harrison, who previewed Abbey Road in return. This is a book that will touch you with the flame that earned these titans their place in the pantheon.” - Four Stars, Rolling Stone Magazine

“Aimed at young readers who have yet to be exposed to the greats, Legends, Icons & Rebels .... reads like a field guide to the most talented artists of all time.” - PASTE Magazine