The Good Suicides

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
The author of The Summer of Dead Toys returns with the next intense and harrowing thriller in his Inspector Salgado series.
     Young, free and . . . dead.
     Senior staff at Alemany Cosmetics company come home with a secret after a team-building course in a remote country house. Now, they are committing suicide, one by one. Soon, they may all be dead. Each has received a photo from an anonymous source of three dogs hanging dead from a tree near the house.
     Deciphering the personalities of these high-earning executives and their power structure, Inspector Salgado has his own way of making them speak. But Barcelona is now freezing cold and the city is hunkering against an unusually cold spell. Can Salgado break the ice before it's too late?


“Rich, nuanced characterizations distinguish Hill’s impressive second thriller featuring Barcelona Inspector. Héctor Salgado. . . . Readers will feel both disgust and sympathy as the carefully manicured facades of the inspector and the employees crack under the pressure of the mounting death toll.”
Publishers Weekly

“[Hill’s] gallery of characters is exceptionally well-drawn. . . . Another strong effort by the Spanish novelist, who again sets us up for the next installment of the series with a tantalizing ending.”
Kirkus Reviews

Praise for The Summer of Dead Toys:

   • "For all his storytelling skills, Hill's real achievement is in the creation of an idiosyncratic new character, Salgado. . . . A series to watch." --The Independent 

   • "A welcome corrective to snow-blindness from too much Nordic noir . . . excellent characterization, a sympathetic and engaging protagonist and plenty of plot twists with a cliff-hanger ending that sets things up nicely for the next in the series." --The Guardian