Death of a King

Publisher: Tundra Books
One of history's most turbulent times comes dramatically to life in this big, broad adventure novel. Twelve-year-old Alex, determined to get to the bottom of his parents' disappearance, sets out on a quest to find them. An ambitious time-travel novel set in Scotland at the time of William Wallace, Death of a King explores the turbulence of the bloody late thirteenth century after King Alexander dies on his way to Kinghorn without leaving an heir to the throne. The country is thrown into chaos, and Alex must overcome many obstacles along his path. Full of humor, intrigue, bloodshed, battles, and suspense, Death of a King is a rollicking read told by a major voice in historical fiction.


SHORTLIST The National Chapter of Canada IODE Violet Downey Book Award

Praise for The Battle of Duncragglin, the prequel to this novel, also by Andrew Vanderwal:

"This book fills a hole in the historical fiction genre by showcasing Scotland in the Middle Ages. It will appeal to reluctant boy readers with its many battle scenes, descriptions of torture devices, and darkly humorous lines. Fans of the movie Braveheart will adore this book. appealing, well-researched adventure." - School Library Journal
"...The mix between present pain and past events provide the most intriguing aspect of the decisions made by all...." —Kirkus Review

"... Those looking for headlong adventure featuring a stouthearted lad, a black-hearted villain, scenes of bloody violence, and details of survival techniques will not be disappointed. ..." - Booklist
"... a rip-roaring adventure story filled with action, humor, and quite a lot of bloodshed, providing a great guy read that should also appeal to fans of historical fiction and fantasy."