The G.I. Diet, 10th Anniversary

Publisher: Random House Canada
Rick Gallop's groundbreaking G.I. Diet has been revised and updated once more to provide the best new basics for people looking to lose weight permanently, and to show you how to eat right for your personality type.

The G.I. Diet has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to lose weight and keep it off. Now Canada's diet guru Rick Gallop, along with his wife Dr. Ruth Gallop, have updated the book once again, including a guide to how your personality type affects your eating behaviours. Whether you are controlling, impulsive, indecisive or feel helpless, you will be able to identify your traits and modify your eating habits.

Over the years, the G.I. diet has proven that:
•  You won't feel hungry or deprived
•  You will never have to count calories, carbs or points again
•  It's healthy and will reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes


Since the original G.I. Diet was published ten years ago, over two million copies have been sold in twenty-three countries and seventeen languages, making it the most successful diet and health book in Canadian publishing history.
Perhaps our biggest surprise was both the quantity and...
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