My Life in Middlemarch

Publisher: Anchor Canada
"Mead's beautiful dissection of its influence on her life is easy for any reader to identify with, regardless of what 'your book' might be. . . . It is part memoir, part biography, part in-depth research project, all the while glowing with enthusiastic homage to something beloved." National Post
     Rebecca Mead was a young woman in an English coastal town when she first read George Eliot's Middlemarch, regarded by many as the greatest English novel. After gaining admission to Oxford and moving to the United States to become a journalist, through several love affairs, then marriage and family, Mead read and reread Middlemarch. The novel, which Virginia Woolf famously described as "one of the few English novels written for grown-up people," offered Mead something that modern life and literature did not.
     In this wise and revealing work of biography, reporting, and memoir, Rebecca Mead leads us into the life that the book made for her, as well as the many lives the novel has led since it was written. Employing a structure that deftly mirrors that of the novel, My Life in Middlemarch takes the themes of Eliot's masterpiece--the complexity of love, the meaning of marriage, the foundations of morality, and the drama of aspiration and failure--and brings them into our world. Offering both a fascinating reading of Eliot's biography and an exploration of the way aspects of Mead's life uncannily echo that of the author herself, My Life in Middlemarch is for every ardent lover of literature who cares about why we read books, and how they read us.


Praise for My Life in Middlemarch:

   • "My Life in Middlemarch is a poignant testimony to the abiding power of fiction." Joyce Carol Oates, New York Times Book Review