Light and Shade

Conversations with Jimmy Page

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

 "How far did we go? As far as our imaginations would carry us, really. Those were the days of pure hedonism. L.A. in particular was like Sodom and Gomorrah ... It was my life -- that fusion of magic and music."

     More than 30 years after disbanding in 1980, Led Zeppelin continues to be celebrated for its artistic achievements, broad musical influence, and commercial success. The band's notorious exploits have been chronicled in bestselling books such as Stephen Davis's Hammer of the Gods. Yet none of the individual members of the band has penned a memoir or cooperated to any degree with the press or a biographer. Iconic guitarist and Led Zeppelin founder, Jimmy Page, is both the band's most reticent member and the one who most fascinates its huge fanbase. For the first time and in his own words, he opens up to journalist Brad Tolinski, exploring in-depth his remarkable life and musical journey.


Praise for Light & Shade
 • "An effective, comprehensive account in the guitarists own words of his life and music.... Keep a copy near the records -- and your guitar." -- Rolling Stone
 • "An excellent rock 'n' roll read." - New York Journal of Books
 • "Brad Tolinski's Light & Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page sheds serious light on this poorly understood, enigmatic musical genius." - Boston Globe
 • "By shining a light on the shadowy Page, Tolinski has created a must-have for any Led Zeppelin fan or guitar player." - Publishers Weekly
 • "This book shows the serious artistic side of Jimmy Page. A must-have item for rock music collections." - Booklist
 • "This is the most comprehensive & compelling collection of interviews, insights & historical anecdotes of one of Rock and Roll's premier guitarists, songwriters and producers ever compiled. A fascinating must-have for Jimmy Page fans like myself." - Slash
 • "Light & Shade illuminates the haunted genius of Jimmy Page in an original and completely satisfying way. The conversational dynamic between the author and the subject reveals a wealth of info about the man, the music, and the magick." - Kirk Hammett, Metallica
 • "Jimmy Page...the one and only! From mild to wild, Jimmy sez it all. This fine work will rock you!" - Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top