A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery


Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

 A Globe and Mail bestseller in its first week, the thirteenth in Gail Bowen's beloved Joanne Kilbourn mystery series is the best of them all: very bad things happen very close to home, and Joanne may never be quite the same again.

     "Security for any one of us lies in greater abundance for all of us." For many years, this was the core of Joanne's political beliefs, but for a number of reasons, she has drifted away from it. But soon after she retires from her university teaching post, Joanne is forced to experience its truth. Two groups -- developers with a vision for a revitalized neighbourhood on one side, protestors who fear gentrification will further marginalize their community on the other -- are close to war and Joanne and Zack have loved ones on both sides. One night their house is blown up, and that is only the first of several terrible incidents that force Joanne to consider what it means to live in a world where she can count on nothing.


 • "I love this series... This book brings [Joanne Kilbourn] back to her conscience and her past, and Bowen does it all with panache." - Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail
 • "[Bowen is] one of the finest writers in Canada. Kaleidoscope is . . . fresh and compelling." - Hamilton Spectator
 • "[Bowen] shines best when Joanne is in the thick of the small dramas that affect her and those she loves best." -- National Post
 • "Bowen writes beautifully in catching the tone and the minutiae of [Joanne's] almost flawless familial existence. . . . Keeps readers turning the pages." - Toronto Star