Sleeping Funny

Publisher: Anchor Canada
"A satisfying mix of straightforward realism and grounded fantastic, and shows the writer at her best . . . . An accomplished collection of tender, witty writing."
—National Post

Sleeping Funny
is a rare book--a debut that introduces a mature writer in full possession of her powers, one who instantly draws you in with her sure voice, intelligence, and humour, and then keeps you reading with growing admiration and delight. Although they are united by these qualities, Miranda Hill's astonishing stories are otherwise notable for their protean variety. Rarely do we find a writer who can inhabit, with equal skill and empathy, the consciousness of a modern teenage girl trying to navigate an embarrassing Sex Ed class, a middle-aged country-village minister in the 19th century who is experiencing a devastating crisis of faith, a young pilot's widow coping with her grief by growing a "Victory Garden" during World War II, and a group of contemporary professional women living on a gentrified big-city street whose routines are thrown into disarray with the arrival of a beautiful bohemian neighbour.

Here are strikingly accomplished stories--surprising and witty tales for readers who love to be drawn in and transported from first word to last.


"Hill's stories reflect an understanding of the human comedy, to borrow a description from Balzac. Hill is able to slip unerringly into many voices . . . . They are characters we can relate to, and that is one of the strong suits of Hill's book. She moves us effortlessly from one recognizable voice to another in stories with very different themes. . . . Approach Miranda Hill's book as completely unique, which it is absolutely."
—Toronto Star